500kg fixed-point casting intermediate frequency furnace

500kg fixed-point casting intermediate frequency furnace

The furnace body part includes an induction heating coil a structural body carbon steel a yoke an insulator a heat-insulating material a support frame a fixed-point casting structure and the like.


The furnace body runs at a uniform speed the height difference of the nozzle is small and the liquid discharge is continuously stable.


First, description of Induction heating fixed point casting furnace

Equipment Overview: This product belongs to a new type of professional furnace. It is designed and manufactured by foreign technology. The unique hydraulic tilting rod linkage mechanism can always pour the metal solution into the material with small diameter during the whole process of melting and pouring out the molten metal.  It is a choice of equipment for the production of metal powders and similar processes using a water (gas) atomization process.

Second , 0.5T / 250kw intermediate frequency coreless induction fixed point casting melting furnace main technical parameters

A, comprehensive parameters
Serial number project parameter
1 Power supply 160kw , 250kw , 500kw , 1000kw
2 Furnace rated capacity 0.25T/0.5T/1T
3 Rated frequency More than 8 00Hz
4 Line voltage 380 V
C, furnace index
Serial number project Parameter requirement
1 Furnace shell structure Steel shell structure
2 Furnace shell material 45 # steel
3 Yoke material Z11-0. 23
4 Yoke coverage 8 5%
5 Sensor copper tube material T2 pure copper 99.9
6 Hydraulic pump Double machine double pump
7 Tilt angle 0 to 95°

Third, The Fixed Point  Casting Furnace Description

    The furnace body part includes an induction heating coil, a structural body carbon steel , a yoke, an insulator, a heat-insulating material, a support frame, a fixed-point casting structure, and the like.
    The fixed-point casting structure of the furnace body is installed on the supporting frame, and the furnace body and the hydraulic tilting furnace mechanism are designed according to the size of the atomizing tundish and the atomizing turret provided by the party A. The furnace body runs at a uniform speed, the height difference of the nozzle is small, and the liquid discharge is continuously stable. The running curve of the nozzle is fixed by the trajectory and optimized by the computer. The special curved template is used to guide the locking , so that the furnace body is uniformly and orderly discharged from the continuous liquid discharge to the fixed point. The tilting angle of the furnace body: 0~ 95 ° (0° refers to the horizontal position of the furnace mouth); the furnace has high stability of turning, and the positioning accuracy of the discharging port is high (the distance between the outlet and the leakage of the melting furnace is less than 50mm ) , and the pouring center changes. The error is small, the nozzle does not move back and forth when atomizing the steel, the precision of the fixed point casting is high, the front and back error does not exceed 30 mm, and the stability of the metal liquid flow is ensured. The maintenance and replacement of complete sets of equipment are modular in design, easy to maintain and easy to overhaul, greatly improving production efficiency.

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