3T intermediate frequency furnace

3T intermediate frequency furnace

Classification: 3T intermediate frequency furnace is divided into 3T parallel intermediate frequency furnace and 3T series intermediate frequency furnace according to the structure of inverter circuit .


According to the structure of the furnace body: 3T aluminum shell intermediate frequency furnace and 3T steel shell intermediate frequency furnace


Classification: 3T intermediate frequency furnace is divided into 3T parallel intermediate frequency furnace and 3T series intermediate frequency furnace according to the structure of inverter circuit .

According to the structure of the furnace body: 3T aluminum shell intermediate frequency furnace and 3T steel shell intermediate frequency furnace


A, 3T intermediate frequency furnace composition

3T IF furnace by 2000kw frequency power supply, two 3T steel or aluminum furnace, the furnace body has installed steel yoke. Depending on the tilting furnace, the hydraulic tilting system. Optional ordinary 6- pulse rectifier transformer (ZS-2000KVA) or 12- pulse rectifier transformer (ZSS-2000KVA) , optional complete water cooling system: closed-loop cooling tower (ZXZ-200T) .

B, steel shell body

The 3T intermediate frequency furnace body has a steel shell furnace body and an aluminum shell furnace body , and the steel shell furnace body includes a furnace shell, a furnace rack, a dust cover, an induction coil, an inlet and outlet water pipe, a distributor, a yoke, a refractory material forming block, and an induction coil protection. Coating, hydraulic tilting cylinder, leaking furnace alarm electrode. The induction coil uses a rectangular thick-walled oxygen-free copper tube.

(1) A set of tilting hydraulic cylinders with a steel protective cover protects the cylinder rod from dirt and splash metal. A throttle valve is installed at the inlet end of each cylinder to prevent the furnace from falling suddenly when the furnace is tilted.

(2) The grounding / leakage probe made of stainless steel wire is installed on the bottom of the furnace.

(3) The inner surface of the induction coil is coated with a high-aluminum coil refractory coating.

(4), lining refractory materials, including furnace lining, dust hood ( including furnace cover ) , furnace protection and steel shovel for the first time building furnace.

(5) The induction coil adopts a rectangular thick-walled oxygen-free extruded copper tube with high strength and large current carrying capacity.

(6), the yoke is ( 0. 23 mm ) thick . Oriented silicon steel sheet, made by special process, special arc design can be close to the device. It accounts for 60-65% of the sensor area .

C, steel shell furnace technical parameters


Serial number




Rated Capacity



Induction ring diameter mm

96 0


Loading height mm

1 25 0


Furnace lining thickness mm



Rated operating temperature °C

15 5 0


Melting rate (1550 ° C) t / h

≥ 3T


Power consumption KWh/T



D, hydraulic station system

(1), hydraulic pump station, mainly includes the following components:

1, hydraulic tank

2, two hydraulic pumps

3, two motors

4, an unloading valve

5, stop valve

6, the filter with status indication

7, a pressure gauge

8, a full set of hydraulic lines

9, emergency gasoline engine pump, used to empty the furnace molten iron in an emergency.


Buy the intermediate frequency furnace, please choose the intermediate frequency furnace , first determine your tonnage size, and then determine the power size.


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