Aluminum induction melting furnace

Aluminum induction melting furnace

The aluminum induction furnace is a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving furnace developed according to the aluminum smelting process


It can reduce the burning loss improve the product quality reduce the labor intensity improve the working conditions and improve the production efficiency .


The aluminum induction melting  furnace is a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving furnace developed according to the aluminum smelting process . It can well meet the requirements of the aluminum smelting process: strict alloy composition requirements, discontinuous production, large single furnace capacity, etc. It can reduce the burning loss, improve the product quality, reduce the labor intensity, improve the working conditions and improve the production efficiency . It is suitable for intermittent operation, with more melting of alloy and recycled materials .
Aluminum induction melting  furnace specifications summary :

Product number power capacity Rated Capacity Operating temperature Empty furnace heating time 坩埚 type
SD-RL-100 30KW 100KG 40KG/H 950 degrees <1.5H Round shape
SD-RL-200 40KW 200KG 100KG/H <1.5H
SD-RL-300 60KW 300KG 180KG/H <2.0H
SD-RL-400 80KW 400KG 240KG/H <2.0H
SD-RL-500 100KW 500KG 300KG/H <2.5H
SD-RL-600 120KW 600KG 350KG/H <2.5H
SD-RL-800 150KW 800KG 420KG/H <2.5H
Remarks: Various furnaces can be customized according to different occasions and technical requirements of customers.
The composition of the aluminum induction furnace :
The whole set of melting furnace equipment includes intermediate frequency power supply cabinet, compensation capacitor, furnace body and water-cooled cable, and reducer.
What are the uses of aluminum induction furnaces ?
The medium-frequency aluminum melting furnace is mainly used for the melting and warming of aluminum and aluminum alloys , especially for aluminum profiles, aluminum products, etc., which are often used for batching operations in single furnaces, such as aluminum profiles, aluminum products, alloy plates and aluminum scrap. Recycling, etc.
What are the advantages of aluminum induction furnaces ?
1. Small size, light weight, high efficiency and low power consumption;
2 , low ambient temperature, less smoke, good working environment;
3 , the operation process is simple, and the smelting operation is reliable;
4 , uniform heating temperature, less burning, and uniform metal composition;
5 , the casting quality is good, the melting temperature is fast, the furnace temperature is easy to control, and the production efficiency is high;
6 , high availability, easy to change varieties.

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