50KG medium frequency copper melting furnace

50KG medium frequency copper melting furnace

According to the technical requirements of the purchaser the intermediate frequency induction melting furnace TXZ-45KW can be selected


50KG medium frequency copper melting furnace (including power + capacitor box + molten copper 200 kg electric overturning furnace )


1,   Technical specifications and requirements:

1) , melted material: scrap copper material, less than 50 kg at a time .

2) , melting : melting temperature of 1300 degrees, melting time 30 minutes a furnace.

3) , crucible silicon carbide crucible (outer high wall thickness 150mm upper mouth outer diameter 100mm) service life 70-80 times.

2,   Technical solutions and equipment selection

According to the technical requirements of the purchaser , the intermediate frequency induction melting furnace TXZ-45KW can be selected . The process is as follows:

1. The metal material is manually placed in the crucible of the dumping furnace .

2. After the metal is melted into a liquid, the furnace body is electrically controlled and the liquid is poured into the mold.

3 , 50KG medium frequency copper melting furnace TXZ-45kw quotation: ¥ 55000 yuan (excluding circulating cooling system)

1 , 50KG medium frequency copper melting furnace (including power + capacitor box + molten copper 200 kg electric overturning furnace )   

4 , picture reference description: IF power supply + compensation capacitor + electric dumping furnace



Main technical parameters of 50KG medium frequency copper melting furnace:

1 , the maximum input power : 45KW

2 , oscillation frequency : 1-20KHZ

3 , the output current: 15-95A

4 , output voltage: 70-550V5 , input power : three-phase 380V, 50 or 60HZ

5 , load continuation rate : 100% 24 hours, continuous work

6 , power supply volume (CM) : 35 wide × 55 high × 65 long

7 , weight: 36KG

8 , input power supply air requirements: 3 × 125A

9. Input power cable requirements: 25mm2 soft copper wire, equipment ground wire: 6mm2 soft copper wire

10 , medium frequency complete furnace cooling water requirements: ≥ 0.2Mpa ≥ 10L / Min

11 , medium frequency power supply cooling water requirements: ≥ 0.2Mpa ≥ 4L / Min

12, water supply: a water inlet, an outlet

13 、Connecting equipment inlet water pipe: inner diameter 25MM , water valve water pipe: inner diameter 25MM , connecting equipment outlet water pipe: inner diameter 8MM ,

14 、One booster pump, the power is 1.1KW , the lift is 30-50 meters, and there is another pool with a volume of 3-4 cubic meters.

5, equipment standard configuration:

TXZ-45kw 50KG



Intermediate frequency power supply



Capacitor compensation box



Melting copper 50KG electric overturningfurnace body



Split connection cable



Output water cooled cable



control box



6 , customer self- installed machine accessories ( circulation cooling system ) :

    1. Three-phase air switch 400A                 One

2. Power connection flexible cable 90 mm2            a few meters

3 . Cooling tower 30 tons      1;

4. Pump 3.0kw/head 30-50 meters 1 set;

5, equipment inlet and outlet water pipes: high pressure enhanced water pipe outer diameter 16 mm, inner diameter 12 mm several meters

6, water pump inlet and outlet water pipe: 1 inch (inner diameter 25 mm) within the wire high pressure reinforced pipe several meters

7. Operation steps of the equipment :

1, electrical connection: access to a dedicated power supply line, respectively, three-phase air switch. Then connect the ground wire. ( Note that the three-phase electric power should be able to meet the use of the equipment, and the wire thickness should be used according to the instructions )

2, water: (depending on continuous working time and workload) select the cooling water system to achieve water circulation cooling.

3, through the water: open the waterway, and check the equipment every water to see if there is water outflow, the flow and pressure is normal .

4, power: first open the control power switch , then open the air switch behind the machine, and then turn on the power switch on the control panel.  

5. Startup: The heating power potentiometer should be adjusted to the minimum before starting the first furnace. After the start, the temperature should be adjusted to the required power. Press the start button to start the machine. At this time, the heating indicator on the panel lights up, and the prompt sound of normal operation and the work light flash simultaneously. 
6. Observation and temperature measurement: During the heating process, it is mainly determined by visual means to determine when to stop heating.

7. Shutdown: Shutdown, the control device switches off first, then turn off the main power external switch, then delayed until about 1 hour after the furnace temperature down; then off equipment cooling water, heat the inside of the machine and to facilitate induction coil Heat is emitted. 
8. In the area where it is easy to freeze in winter , it should be noted that after each use, compressed air should be used to blow out the water in and out of the equipment to prevent water from cracking internal fittings and water pipes inside the equipment .

9, customer molten copper melting scene picture:



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