Medium frequency heating furnace safety measures


1, the equipment electrical connection parts with necessary warnings (lightning symbols, prompts, partitions, etc.), protection and shielding, protection and maintenance, operator safety.

2, the whole set of interlocking and protection performance; there are emergency stop, over voltage, over current, phase loss, inverter failure, voltage cutoff, current cutoff, component over temperature and cooling system under pressure and water, high water temperature (each backwater The branch roads are equipped with temperature detection), automatic feeding and material shortage, interlocking with the next process (failure power less than 15 minutes, more than 15 minutes of fault shutdown), interlocking, fault alarm, fault diagnosis, etc., and reliable operation. It is guaranteed that the equipment will not be damaged, and the failure of the materialization in the induction heater and personal safety will occur. (If the door is open, it must be automatically powered off in the cabinet, etc.)

3, the whole set of equipment is reliable, the timing is reasonable, and it can effectively avoid the harm caused to the equipment and the human body by misoperation.

4. Manufacturing and installation are carried out in accordance with the Machinery Industry Safety Evaluation Standards of the Ministry of Machinery Industry.

5, according to the national induction heating furnace standard manufacturing, in line with national environmental protection and safety standards.

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