Description of technical characteristics of motor end ring intermediate frequency brazing equipment

The whole set of equipment consists of IGBT intermediate frequency power supply, capacitor cabinet, transformer, heating sensor, special brazing machine, automatic control system (including temperature control PLC , man-machine interface operation screen), infrared thermometer, control console, pure water cooling device. (wind - water cooling type) composition. Its characteristics are as follows:

, IGBT intermediate frequency power supply

It has an advanced IGBT type intermediate frequency power supply in the world . Its main features are as follows (see the drawing for the main circuit):


2.3 , heating sensor:

The gap between the inductor and the end ring has a great influence on the efficiency of the device, and is generally not more than 5 mm . Therefore, each type of end ring must be equipped with a sensor. The inductor is designed to be circular (segmented to a local prototyping), and the magnetic path is acted upon above the inductor by a high frequency magnetizer. A mica board is mounted above the inductor, and the outside is wrapped with a glass ribbon to provide insulation and heat insulation. When heating, the outer mat of a layer of mica board can directly heat the end ring on the inductor (the matching pad is provided in the part without welding).


The sensor is connected by water and electricity. When the sensor is replaced, the water and electricity can be replaced by simply removing the connecting bolt, and no water circuit needs to be replaced.


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