200 kw medium frequency induction hot-dip galvanizing furnace

The GWJ 0.5 - 200 /0.5KHz medium frequency induction hot-dip galvanizing furnace is an electric heating device that causes the metal in the alternating electromagnetic field to generate an induction current to heat at a high temperature according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, thereby melting the solid metal.


Technical specifications and basic requirements




Rated Capacity


  0.5 zinc

  rated power

    K w


  Rated frequency



  Operating temperature

    ° C


  Melting time


   30 minutes

  Circulating water volume



  Cooling water pressure


  02. 0.3


The equipment consists of a furnace body, an intermediate frequency power supply cabinet, a capacitor cabinet, a water-cooled cable, and a water and electricity introduction system.

The furnace body is composed of a cast aluminum furnace shell, an induction coil and a lining material. The aluminum furnace shell has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, no need for magnetic boring, and convenient installation. The inductor is wound with a rectangular cross section copper tube, and the copper tube is cooled by water. The sensor is installed between the upper and lower asbestos cement boards, and the 10 columns of the induction coil are tightly positioned by the bolts mounted on the aluminum furnace shell, so that the induction coil and the furnace shell become a stable whole.

A layer of clay insulation brick is laid on the bottom of the furnace in the induction coil, and the furnace is made of refractory brick. The gap between the furnace bottom and the outer wall of the furnace refractory brick and the inner wall of the induction coil is knotted with quartz sand.

The current from the inductor is input through a water-cooled cable. Cooling water is supplied to both the inductor copper tube and the water-cooled cable. The inlet and outlet water distributors are installed on the furnace body, and the user only needs to install the water inlet and outlet pipes. The water inlet of the water-cooled cable cooling water is connected to the capacitor cabinet water separator, and the water outlet is connected to the furnace body water return device.


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