Advantage of the bulding furnace machine

Advantage of the bulding furnace machine
1. Reduced personnel needs
1-2 people in small furnace, 2-3 people in large furnace, can operate according to the requirements of use, easy to learn. Personnel rotation for 2 people is beaten with hand tools and changed every 5 minutes.
2, save knotting time
Compared with the original knotting method, according to the capacity of the electric furnace, the knotting time can be shortened by 2-6 hours. The electric furnace building machine is not as long as possible, and can be operated as required.
3. Save workers' labor
One person operates, one person assists, and the two exchanges every 10 minutes. When using, keep your hands steady, no need to manually apply force. And it is very beneficial to the environment, and it will not generate dust due to knotting.
4, improve the knot firmness
The use of an electric furnace can make the connection between the layers of the lining more tight and uniform, and the compaction can be achieved after sintering. According to the capacity of the furnace body, how much is added, etc., after the completion of the requirements, the compactness is very obvious.

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