Installation, maintenance and commissioning of intermediate frequency furnace dust removal system

1. In order to facilitate transportation, the equipment is dismantled and delivered according to the conditions of train delivery (the structure only brushes anti-rust paint, and the top paint is painted after installation). After the buyer receives the equipment, first press the equipment list. Check whether the missing parts, and then check whether there is damage during the transportation process, the damage caused by the transportation process should be repaired in time, and the storage equipment should be well protected against damage and theft.
2. Conduct special inspection on the transmission mechanism and device. Before starting the test, apply grease to the rotating or sliding part. The lubricating oil should be injected into the reduction chassis to make the machine work normally.
3, the installation work is strictly in accordance with the requirements of the drawings, generally from the bottom up, first install the lower parts including brackets, ash buckets, etc., after the brackets, ash buckets are fixed, then hoist the middle and upper cabinets, and then install the gas Bags and piping and electrical signal systems. The bag cage and filter bag must be installed after the installation quality of the dust collector is fully qualified, and should be installed under the guidance of the supplier's on-site instructor to ensure the installation quality.
4. When installing the compressed air pipeline, remove the dirt in the pipeline to prevent clogging. After installation, first clean the pipeline and then test the pressure, and adjust the pressure reducing valve to the specified pressure.
5. Install the power supply and control circuit according to the wiring requirements of the cleaning control or control cabinet, and then test the whole machine.
Medium frequency furnace dust removal system maintenance and overhaul
1. The dust collector should be equipped with special personnel to operate and overhaul, fully grasp the performance and structure of the dust collector, and find out the problems in time to ensure the normal operation of the dust removal system.
2. Regularly fill the oil at the operating part.
3. It is found that the dust concentration of the discharge port is increased, indicating that the filter bag has been leaked. When repairing, the fan should be stopped or the inlet and outlet valves of the single chamber should be closed, and then the upper cover should be opened, such as the ash at the mouth of the bag. This indicates that the filter bag has been damaged and must be replaced or repaired.
4. The dust collector resistance is generally between 1500Pa and 1800Pa. The cleaning cycle can be adjusted according to the resistance of the controller with the adjustment knob of the controller.
5. The filter of the compressed air system should be drained regularly, and the drain valve at the lowest point of the air bag should be drained regularly.
6. The control valve should be inspected by professionals, and the single electric control electric valve and electromagnetic pulse valve of the lift valve cylinder should be inspected regularly.

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