Safety precautions for induction melting furnace operators

A.4 Safety precautions for induction melting furnace operators
A.4.1 Induction heating and smelting equipment are all potentially hazardous. The equipment of Suzhou Zhenwu Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. is designed for safe, effective, reliable operation and easy maintenance (if it is operated correctly).
A.4.2 The operator's standard operation can fully function using safety facilities. Feel free to destroy these safety facilities will endanger the operation
Author's safety. The following precautions should be observed frequently:
A.4.3 Lock all the doors, the keys are only suitable for qualified maintenance personnel who need to open the door.
A.4.4 Ensure that the cover and other covers are always covered during the start of the equipment, and that each time the furnace is turned on, it must be inspected and turned on. Positioned high-voltage equipment is potentially dangerous to personnel in the work area.
A.4.5 The main power supply must be cut off before opening the door or checking the control circuit board.
A.4.6 Use only certified test equipment when servicing circuits or components, following the manufacturer's recommended procedures.
A.4.7 During the maintenance of the distribution box or induction furnace, the power supply should not be used arbitrarily. Warning signs should be placed or locked at the main power supply.
A.4.8 Check the contact of the grounding electrode lead with the charge or the molten bath for each heating.
A.4.9 The grounding electrode is not in good contact with the charge or the melt tank and will generate high pressure during operation. Electric shock can cause serious injury or even death.
A.4.10 The operator must use a conductive tool (slag shovel, temperature probe, sampling spoon, etc.) to contact the melt. When contacting the melt, first turn off the power or wear high-pressure wear-resistant gloves.
A.4.11 Operators should wear wear-resistant special gloves for furnaces, such as slag slag, sampling, temperature measurement, etc.
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