What are the precautions when charging the medium frequency induction furnace?

A.4.1 What are the precautions when charging the medium frequency induction furnace?
A.4.1.1 Use only dry charge and clean charge (no oil, flammable, or highly polluted metal materials).
A.4.1.2 Check the moisture level of the colored or bundled debris before feeding.
A.4.1.3 Avoid adding partially closed containers such as soft drinks, beer cans, and closed tubing, which may contain liquid. Liquid or flammable materials boil when melted and are accompanied by a violent explosion, which causes the injection of molten metal. Regardless of the charge, the next melt should be slowly injected before the previous charge is melted. If the rust and sticky sand charge is used incorrectly, the block size and shape of the charge are poor, the charge is not tightly packed and the stretch is severe, or if the cold charge is too much, the “bridge” is likely to occur. The liquid level must be checked frequently. Once the bridge occurs, it should be disposed of immediately, and the “bridge” should be removed to avoid the “bridge” formation. Otherwise, the lower iron will overheat, causing erosion of the lower lining, or even leakage of iron or explosion.
A.4.1.4 When the operator handles the bridge with tools, the user shall establish a set of operating procedures to prevent the operator from falling into the furnace or being burnt by hot air or hot metal under the bridge.
A.4.1.5 After the furnace material is cleaned, the slag should be smashed immediately to prevent the formation of slag cover. If it is formed into a “slag cover”, the power should be immediately cut off, and the slag cover should be broken and thrown out of the furnace, otherwise the lower iron will Overheating causes erosion of the lower lining and even leakage of molten iron or explosion.
A.4.1.6 Warning
Failure to follow these procedures can result in an explosion that can cause serious injury.

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