How to quickly choose a good medium frequency melting furnace

When users choose the intermediate frequency furnace, they can't be free, and they can't just look at the price. The intermediate frequency furnace is a life force for a foundry, and its quality directly affects the production efficiency of the entire foundry. A good medium frequency furnace is not only durable, but also energy efficient, saving the company a lot of manpower and time costs. Suggestions for selecting medium frequency furnace equipment:


Copper row: Whether the copper bar is connected to the original color of copper. If it is the original color of copper, it means that the situation is wrong. Regular electrical equipment copper parts need to be whitened, silver plated best, or tin or nickel. The copper watch is easily oxidized, and it will become more and more serious, the contact resistance will become larger and larger, and the power consumption will gradually increase. Some manufacturers have saved the plating for the cost of the province. As a result, the manufacturer has saved a small amount of money, but the user has to pay for it for a long time. If this little money is to be saved, you should be alert----there can be more things on the equipment. The manufacturers may save more than just the copper platoon. Similarly, the products they provide need to be treated with caution. .

Aluminum shell capacitors: There are common type, standard type, and reinforced type. Generally, it can be seen from the external dimensions and weights. The reinforcement type is better but the price is high.

Circuit breaker (open): When the equipment is normal, the circuit breaker is just a switch. It seems to be less important. In the event of an accident, this is the last step of protection. In case of failure, the consequences are unimaginable. So choose a good quality circuit breaker as the last line of defense, this can ask the technician or electrician.


The advantages and disadvantages of copper, although the copper tube products can not see the thickness, but the appearance can be inferred: thin copper tube is more likely to be concave in the middle when bending, like the induction circle is too thin to be thin. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality, it is best to specify the thickness of the contract, and buy copper pipe fittings.

Reactor: You can see the overall size, copper tube core size, thickness, copper tube is thick, but silicon steel sheet is thin. Silicon steel sheets are generally 10,000 yuan / ton. The price difference of the reactor is several thousand yuan, and the small one will consume more power and affect the protection performance. So balance the price and quality.

Insulation treatment: Insulating varnish needs to have good high temperature resistance, adhesion, and water resistance. The insulation treatment of the surface of the inductor has an important impact on preventing electric furnace fire, arcing, power supply damage, and major safety accidents such as furnace wear. Important events cannot be ignored.

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