1 T intermediate frequency furnace advantages

1 T intermediate frequency furnace advantages:

1. Due to the characteristics of the resonant circuit, the variable frequency power supply with parallel resonance has good protection when the circuit is short-circuited. Because the reactor device with buffer function installed in the intermediate circuit can effectively suppress the rapid rise of current, it can be reliably turned off when the circuit fails.

2 , resonant frequency conversion environmental source and inverter side loss is very small (because the large current only works in the resonant circuit) and accurate coil voltage control (to make full use of the highest power of the capacitor group)

3 , the technology is mature, the performance of the whole machine is stable and reliable, and has a competitive advantage.  

4 , easy to operate, easy to use

5 , the maintenance speed is fast, the maintenance difficulty and maintenance costs are low!

6 , the price is relatively cheap.

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