What information does the customer need to provide to the supplier before purchasing the 1 T intermediate frequency furnace ?

What information does the customer need to provide to the supplier before purchasing the 1 T intermediate frequency furnace ?

1. 1 T medium frequency furnace should have layout space, need to provide the area and layout of the plant

2. The customer needs to provide the capacity of the transformer, the magnitude of the incoming line voltage, and the frequency of the incoming line voltage.

3. The medium frequency induction furnace needs water cooling equipment, and the 1 T intermediate frequency furnace configuration contains water cooling equipment.

4. The structure of the medium frequency induction melting furnace has a steel shell furnace body and an aluminum shell furnace body, and the customer needs to specify the furnace body structure.

5. The power supply of the medium frequency induction melting furnace is the intermediate frequency power supply. The line structure of the intermediate frequency power supply is divided into the inverter parallel and the inverter series structure. The inverter series structure is energy-saving, the power factor is 0.98 , and the line is stable. The inverter parallel structure is a parallel type with a power factor of 0.92 , which requires the customer to specify the line structure.

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