Medium frequency steel shell melting furnace


, medium frequency power supply

 <a>The intermediate frequency power supply is a power supply that heats the metal material in the inductor by electromagnetic induction. It is a static cooling frequency conversion device with water cooling mode. The power component is selected from thyristor (sCR). The component is a switching component of power electronics. The main function of the intermediate frequency power supply is to convert the input power frequency ( 50Hz ) into a single-phase intermediate frequency. Power supply, supply sensor. <b> SCR: SCR is the core component of IF power supply, and it is also one of the more expensive devices. Therefore, our company chooses manufacturers with strong technical capabilities, strict processes and complete testing means, and adopts domestic authoritative brand: Taiwan SCR, <c> Other components are selected from domestic well-known brands, laying a solid foundation for trouble-free operation of equipment. Insulation rating to level.

, PTFE plate, asbestos plate action 
yoke and coil between the inside and the outside with a Teflon plate, asbestos rubber sheet. 
<a> Teflon sheet: high dielectric strength and high temperature resistance. 
<b> Asbestos rubber sheet: It has high heat resistance. 
This ensures insulation and heat resistance between the yoke and the coil.

, water-cooled cable, rubber tube and cable head 
<a> water-cooled cable high-quality T2 material multi-strand copper stranded wire is cold-formed by professional locking equipment. In this way, the connection is firm, the tensile strength is strong, the contact resistance is small, and the copper strand is not damaged. 
<b> Rubber tube: Made of pure natural rubber and made of custom made. Strong pressure resistance. 
<c> Cable head: It is made of high quality T2 copper rod. Compared with common cable heads on the market, the strength and tensile strength of water-cooled cables are greatly improved.

4. Water-cooled cable brackets and water pipes are 
developed and manufactured by our company to prevent the electric cables from being worn during the use of electric furnaces, greatly improving the service life of water-cooled cables and water pipes.

, the water separator 
market water separator is commonly: iron, PVC material, by our company water separator is 304 stainless steel material, there will be no rust, corrosion, breakage, etc., improve the service life of the water separator, Eliminate the hidden troubles for the customer.

6. Hydraulic operating table and hydraulic control box 
<a> Hydraulic operation box : The furnace body is controlled by hydraulic control system. The tilting furnace is controlled by manual speed control and reversing valve. The operation room is stable and has no impact. 
<b> Hydraulic operation box: According to the research and development design of the company, the hydraulic operation box can be installed according to the actual situation of the customer site, which makes it easier and faster to realize the operation of the tilting furnace and maximize the work efficiency.

7. Generation of magnetic field and action of yoke 
 Generation of magnetic field 
 When a medium frequency current is applied to the copper tube, an intermediate frequency magnetic field is generated, and a part of the magnetic flux passes through the crucible or the furnace but does not pass through the molten metal. It is called the leakage flux, and the other part passes through the metal, called the main flux. Only the main flux can induce current in the metal and heat or melt it. However, the main magnetic flux and the leakage magnetic flux are present at the same time, and the leakage magnetic flux tends to be larger than the main magnetic flux. 
Therefore, in order to improve the electrical efficiency of the intermediate frequency melting furnace, in order to achieve energy saving, a yoke yoke is arranged around the induction coil and is made of a high magnetic permeability cold rolled silicon steel sheet. The thickness of the silicon steel sheet is 3mm . The yoke adopts a profiling structure, and the arc of the inner arc surface is the same as the outer arc of the induction coil, so that the yoke can be evenly distributed on the outer side of the induction coil, thereby maximally restraining the magnetic field radiated outward from the coil and reducing the external magnetic circuit. Magnetoresistance. 
 The role of the yoke 
  Constrains the magnetic lines of force generated by the induction coil to be scattered outward, so that the magnetic flux is concentrated around the induction coil to improve the efficiency of induction heating. And magnetic shielding. The cross section of the yoke is such that the inner side of the curved shape closely adheres to the outer wall to increase the effective magnetic permeability area. Each yoke is fixed by a screw rod fixed on the furnace shell to form a uniform top force in one circumference of the coil, and the induction coil and the lining are strongly supported when the furnace is tilted, thereby reducing deformation and damage of the lining and prolonging the life of the lining.

8. Furnace   body The furnace 
body structure consists of a furnace fixing frame and a furnace body. The furnace fixing frame and the furnace body adopt a new open skeleton structure. The steel structure of the structure is good, the surrounding space is large, the heat dissipation effect is good, and the observation is convenient, and an important part of the furnace body is convenient for inspection and maintenance.

9. Advantages of induction coil: copper tube, cooling ring, short-circuit ring and coil insulation <a> copper tube: The induction coil is made of a drawn copper tube with a rectangular cross section, which not only ensures the rigidity of the coil, but also ensures the rigidity of the coil. Moreover, the coil has the largest conductive cross section. <b> Cooling ring: Ensure that the lining is heated evenly. <c> Short-circuit ring: to fully absorb the leakage flux at the upper and lower ends of the induction coil to prevent the furnace body from heating up. <d> Coil insulation: After the coil is wound, it is made of high temperature resistant insulating varnish and pure natural mica board and mica tape. The insulation grade is grade.

10 , equipment cooling system - closed 
  -circuit cooling tower intermediate frequency equipment in the process of reactors, thyristors, capacitors, furnaces and other devices are all water-cooled, if the operation of cooling water failure and water temperature is too high, will lead to serious consequence. Most of the failures of IF power supplies are often caused by water, so reliable water cooling devices are a major component of IF equipment. High-quality water cooling units provide the necessary protection for power and safe and reliable production. 
  Our company's water-cooling device adopts a closed cooling tower, which can be formulated according to the customer's actual situation. The high-quality water cooling system ensures the high-efficiency operation of the equipment and eliminates the worries of customers.


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