Medium frequency power digital constant power control system features

Medium frequency  power digital constant power control system features
 Digital constant power control system (control circuit is highly integrated)
 Constant power thyristor intermediate frequency power supply system is an intelligent controller developed by the company. Mainly composed of regulator, phase shift controller, protection circuit, start-up calculation circuit, frequency tracking, inverter pulse formation, pulse amplification and power drive. After being digitized, it becomes a special chip, which is specially applied to the control of thyristor parallel inverter intermediate frequency power supply.
 Inverter control refers to the US advanced control technology such as ABB, Ajax, Japan Fuji Electric, etc., and the inverter control technology developed by itself has strong anti-interference ability.
 The control board is a single-board digital integrated control board. It adopts digital triggering and features high reliability, high precision, easy debugging, no relay components, etc. It has no temperature drift for long-term operation and stable working point.
 Complete multi-level protection (water pressure, phase loss, under voltage, over current, over voltage, off time, straight through, operation interlock, etc.)
 The startup mode is advanced sweep type, which is activated by zero voltage, so that the operator can achieve 100% successful start without selecting the starting voltage and starting frequency.
 Adjust the matching according to the change of load, increase the melting and heating speed to save energy (10%).
 It has the following instrument indications: output voltage meter, output power meter, working frequency meter, medium frequency current meter, power factor meter, input voltage meter, earth leakage meter and fault warning indication. (Electrical meter is installed between the transformer and the intermediate frequency power cabinet)
 Power-on performance: reliability start-up (no matter no-load, full load). The power supply adopts a zero-voltage automatic sweeping start mode and has a frequent start function. The startup success rate is guaranteed to be 100% both under heavy load and no load.
 The principle is:
When the load is heavy, reduce the commutation angle, increase the voltage and reduce the current, and make the power supply work close to the optimal value (rated value). When the load is light, increase the commutation angle, reduce the voltage and increase the current, and make the power supply work close. Optimum value (rated value)
 Load characteristics——The medium frequency induction equipment adopts a series resonant electric furnace. When the value of the inductance L (inductor) and the compensation capacitance is determined, the natural frequency of the resonance is also determined. With the change of the impedance of the load (inductor), the natural frequency Also with the change, the frequency is lower when the empty furnace is lightly loaded; the frequency is higher when the furnace is full and the heavy material is heavy.
 IF power supply start frequency tracking feature--In the startup process, when the startup frequency is closest to the load frequency, the success rate of startup is higher. The frequency varies with the load. As shown in the figure, the sweep start mode is adopted here, that is, a set of frequency starting devices with a range of changes in the load frequency of the cover is issued, so that the load is not affected by the load change, and the reliability of the start is greatly improved. As shown below.
 Use series compensation circuit to reduce the loss of transmission line In order to reduce the loss on the intermediate frequency transmission line, the compensation capacitor of the inverter is connected in series double voltage form. This connection allows the voltage on the electric furnace to be doubled compared to the inverter output voltage. In this way, the output current becomes 50% of the original at the same output power, so that the loss on the intermediate frequency transmission line is reduced by a factor of 1/4.
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