Small melting equipment selection method

Small melting equipment, fast melting speed, no open flame, low energy consumption, environmental protection, small size, simple operation, no dust, no loss, harmless to the body, safe and reliable. It can be used without direct connection to the water and the machine operation is very simple for 10 minutes;
The types of melting furnaces are:
1. High-frequency melting furnace, power 7kw--15kW Melting 1kg, 2kg, 4kg integrated/separate desktop melting furnace, integrated/separate clamp type melting furnace.
2, medium frequency melting furnace, power range of 15kw-160kW melting 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 30kg, 50kg, 100kg, 120kg, 150kg, 200kg fixed melting furnace, manual tipping melting furnace, electric tipping melting furnace, pneumatic Top-out melting furnace.
The small electromagnetic induction melting furnace produced by Zhenjiang Tianxiang Company has fast melting speed, low energy consumption and environmental protection, small volume, simple operation, no dust, no loss, no harm to the body, no impact on precision instruments, safe and reliable, and melting amount. From tens of grams to two hundred kilograms, it has a wide range of choices. It is suitable for melting iron, steel, copper, aluminum, zinc and all kinds of precious metals such as gold and silver. It is a university laboratory, research institute, handicraft processing, mold. Factory, metal processing enterprise, casting processing, small melting processing, small batch production, personal hand workshop production, school melting experiment, research institute melting experiment, precious metal purification, gold bar silver strip production, etc., completely solve the coke heating, gas The drawbacks of the original melting process, such as heating, are the ideal equipment for a new generation of metal melting.
Melting furnace features:
1. Heating method: Magnetic field induction heating method, metal purification also has very good effect.
2. Action objects: (metal gold) silver, copper, iron, aluminum, zinc, tin, antimony, nickel, and various types of alloys (non-metal) silicon, polysilicon, can also heat graphite molds, etc.
3. Heating furnace body: graphite crucible, quartz crucible, magnesia casting crucible, ceramic crucible, cast iron crucible, etc. (depending on the melting of different metals)
4. Main accessories: the control circuit board independently researched and developed by the company, as well as the modules of various well-known manufacturers, rectifier bridges and other accessories
5. Load support: 100% load continuation rate, winning time for the company to win profits
6. Heating rate: heating speed is fast, suitable amount melting melting point is 10-30 minutes, high melting point is high melting 40-50 minutes
7. Furnace temperature: 1200-1600 degrees, can melt the temperature of polysilicon
8. Support for improvement: You can design temperature control and other modifications, and support customer customization requirements to a certain extent.
Zhenjiang Tianxiang Main: copper melting furnace, melting gold furnace, melting aluminum furnace, melting silver furnace, experimental new melting furnace, high frequency welding machine, annealing machine, quenching machine, forging heating machine, induction heating machine, heat treatment heating equipment, Metal marking machine, electric lettering pen, tapping machine, twist drill.

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